July 2019

Belize Confirmation Trip

August 2019

Harvest Missions Committee approval to move forward with plans to be a full-time missionary with Harvest Community Church as my sending church

September-October 2019

Application process & vetting with Commission To Every Nation (CTEN)

November 2019

Harvest Community Church member’s meeting announcement

December 2019

Commission To Every Nation missionary training in Kerrville, TX


Presentations to Harvest Community Church small groups & community groups

Meeting with Harvest Community Church Pastors & Harvest Missions Committee Developing role as a member of the Harvest Community Church Ministry Team

January 2020

Chili Cook-off Fundraiser at Harvest Community Church to raise funds for future travel expenses

Fall 2020

With the world-wide presence of COVID 19, my move to Belize is delayed until further notice. Belize is closed to all foreigners at this time. This fall, I am continuing to teach in Milwaukee, WI until God moves and positions me to start teaching at the Belize Bible College & Training Center


Teaching at the BBCTC from January-May 2021

Valerie & me working at a neighborhood market – our second job after teaching students with special needs (me) & attending college full-time (Valerie) virtually!

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