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Marilyn & Noelia

For several years, Marilyn has visited Belize on short term missions trips with her home church. While she has always enjoyed visiting, God has recently been calling her to a long-term commitment. She is now being called to serve full-time with Bob & Rhonda Farley at the Belize Bible College & Training Center (BBCTC) as a Professor of Sociology and Human Services. In addition, she will work as Operations Manager – coordinating staff & activities related to the BBCTC. This will include orientation of missions teams, recruitment of new staff and students, and regular maintenance of buildings and grounds. Her years of managerial experience and roles helping others with operations have prepared her well to serve in Belize. Marilyn’s involvement will enable the work of training & spreading the gospel to be even more effective.

With your help, God can use Marilyn to reach those who are lost and struggling in Belize.

Marilyn hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and lives with her daughter (Valerie) and her micro-pig (Bella)! She is a graduate of Wheaton College (BA) and Illinois State University (MS). She is excited to join the Farley’s in serving the needs of the 52 villages in the Toledo District of Southern Belize. Belize is at the cross-roads of many challenges – economic difficulties, lack of training for jobs, the intersection of various religious influences – the time is now to help.

You can be a part of God’s work in Belize! Contact Marilyn at:

Marilyn Wellman *PO BOX 511507* Milwaukee, WI 53203



or email Bob Farley at:


Bob, Rhonda & Hannah Farley with Valerie & me

As a CTEN missionary, Marilyn will be serving as a non-salaried volunteer and depends on God and His people for support.

Why Belize?