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My first Trip to Belize, Belize International Airport, 2016
Exiting the BZE International Airport
My first view of Belize from the air (heavenly)!
Flying from Belize City to Punta Gorda, BZE
Looking out at the Caribbean Sea
Village of Dangriga – one of the “puddle jumps” on the way down the coast to Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Airport – Yes, all of it!
The BBCTC bus picking us up.
Belize Training Center
Almost everything is done outdoors!
Hanging out on the patio!
Hannah & Bridgette – cooking!
Jon & Lauri – making acoustic panels for the chapel
Me – measuring out materials for acoustic panels.
Life in Belize is more relaxed than in the US
Local church – getting ready for worship!
Leading a group of women – training for leaders for bible studies
Children worship area – organized chaos!
Women came from several villages for training – beautiful experience!
Shopping at the local fish market, very fresh!
Downtown Punta Gorda, youth performing traditional Creole music
Nearby, Mayan ruins
Most homes do not have doors or windows!
Pastor Caleb worked with the worship team and recorded songs in indigenous languages – Mayan & Q’eqchi
Kids playing with a puzzle from our team!
Sunsets in Belize are spectacular!
2017 – Valerie Wellman, my daughter joins the team (Kevin, Kendra, Tony, John, Annie me & Valerie)
Landing in Belize!
Serious negotiations with local merchant!
Grocery shopping as it should be!
Our team brought school supplies for local teachers and students
We held a leadership conference for women. Our goal was to train and raise up local leaders to go out and teach the Good News!
Valerie shared her testimony at the leadership conference. She was the youngest missionary (16 yrs old) ever sent to Belize from our home church.
Breaking ground on the AG Barn!
Delivering school supplies, what a privilege and a blessing!
The children were so appreciative and welcoming! One boy started crying, “I have never had my own crayons, thank you!”
The kids were very interested in Valerie. She was able to share her faith everywhere we went.
Our team working with Bob and some local church members – while the Women’s Leadership Conference was in session
Water taxi – not your average ride!
Our last night with The Farley’s, Placentia, BZE – 2017
Beach at sunset
Third short term trip – Flying over BZE – 2019
Bob, Rhonda and me, Confirmation Trip – God was calling me to join them!
New since 2016 – It only took 3 years to get permission to put lettering on the BBCTC sign!
New Addition since 2017 – water filtration system – 600.000 gallons of fresh water ready for use!
New since 2017 – snack bar area to serve food & beverages outside scheduled meal times

Completed since 2017 – Agricultural Barn (AG Barn) with a chicken coop for up to 100 chickens!
The AG Barn plays an important role as it relates to food & teaching opportunities for the BBCTC
New since 2017, bus stop for the BBCTC on the Southern Hwy (only road that connects all of Belize)!
New buildings – Belize Bible College (blue) and home for Aaron & Ashley Coffey (brown)
Electrical students posed with me and their professor
Classroom projects
Bob and me working on plans for future projects
Future site of radio station
Breaking ground on Men’s Dorm
Bob showing me the future site for additional BBCTC housing
Bob leading us in prayer
Heading back to the US – God willing, I will return!
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